We build kitchens outside of your home that would nevertheless make you feel that you're still inside your house, cooking mouth-watering food for your family and friends.

Our Outdoor Kitchens Perth are build to specifically suits your needs. We use 3D CAD software to show you the client exactly what the final outcome will be, enabling any changes to be made to the end product before any work commences, which will save time and money.


  Australian made & designed

  Low maintenance

  Fully customisable

  Stylish designs

   Our Kitchens are Built to last

  Environmentally friendly




We build all of our outdoor kitchens with such a high standard, that we offer you a lifetime warranty. Quality workmanship is guaranteed when you buy a EM Fab Alfresco Kitchen.

The materials we use have been designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions and proven themselves over the years. With EM Fab you can rest assured that you will have an outdoor kitchen that is going to bring you joy for years come.


We understand that every home has different requirements. What works for one property may not necessarily be the same for another.

The choices are practically unlimited and the following can be customised accordingly:

● Design: We design outdoor kitchens that complement and enhance your property.  An initial consultation determines the design to fit your specific requirements.



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